Vera Quinn

CEO & President

Over her first 25 years (and counting) with Cydcor, Vera Quinn has been a driving force behind the company’s growth. Vera was named CEO in 2020 and continues to be a faithful custodian of the business, honing the mission and vision of the company while supporting the advancement of the team around her.

As CEO, Vera sets the strategic direction of the business. She understands that in an increasingly automated world, Cydcor exists to unleash the power and uniqueness of people to create generational growth and opportunities. This is a vision that has been with her from the start–as Vera’s rise to the company’s C-suite is a testament to the power of Cydcor as an opportunity-based business.

Vera’s focus is on creating long-term value for the business while she is CEO. She is a champion of Cydcor’s mission to relentlessly create growth and opportunity for aspiring individuals, entrepreneurs, brands, and customers.

In addition to her current role as CEO and President, Vera has served as COO, VP of Operations, and VP of Sales Operations.

Vera studied political science and history at the University of Toronto.