April 27, 2016

Finding Hidden Talents Can Make You Better at Business

Finding Hidden Talents Can Make You Better at Business CydcorYour hidden talents are an untapped resource that will improve your professional and personal life.

How do some people stand out at work while others never seem to get noticed? It’s simple. They take the time to discover and develop their untapped abilities and release their true potential.

Anyone can find their hidden talents, improve their performance, and gain recognition at work as long as they set their mind to it. Cydcor has a longstanding commitment to developing our employees and sales associates’ talents. We encourage you to try some of these strategies to unleash your hidden talents. Your hard work will benefit you and your company.

Brainstorm Your Talents

Take at least 15 minutes to brainstorm talents, skills, and abilities related to your career and personal goals. Look for activities that get you excited and spark an emotional response within you. For additional feedback, reach out to your coworkers, friends, and family and ask them to identify your top three talents. You will discover an extensive range of abilities you may have never recognized before.

Think Like a Kid

Think back to your childhood and adolescence and remember what you enjoyed and the things you did well. Write about these memories and try to relate them to particular skills or interests. Did you lead your high school debate team to victory? You may be a natural leader or strategist. You may be surprised to discover that many of these past successes displayed valuable skills or strengths that translate to your work today.

Where Did the Time Go?

Have you ever looked up from a task, surprised to discover the entire morning has passed you by? A key to identifying hidden talents is recognizing activities that make it easy to lose track of time. Were you organizing a project timeline or following up with phone calls to customers? Losing track of time suggests that you’ve discovered a hidden talent or interest.

Discovering your hidden talents will improve your confidence and provide new ways to connect with work and the people in your life. You may leverage these talents to impact your career path or use them to improve your soft skills like communication, negotiation, and critical thinking.

Have you taken the time to discover your hidden talents? Try some of the techniques we’ve shared and tell us what worked for you. Share your story on Twitter and follow us @Cydcor. We’re interested in learning from your experience!

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