December 6, 2017

Five More Easy Ways to Save Thousands a Year

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Five More Ways to Save Thousands a Year

Wouldn’t you like to save a little extra cash every week? The savings are right in front of you—if you know where to look. It may seem like just a few dollars at a time, but add up the money you could save over a year’s time, and you will have “made” an extra $4,000 over the year that would have otherwise been spent on nonessentials. As a savvy business owner, it will work to your advantage to use your money wisely and frugally. We’ve already shared ten of our favorite tips to help you save $5,000. Here are a few more small changes you can make on a daily basis that will save you money—cash that you can use to invest in and grow your business.

That $3 cappuccino habit adds up over a year, but a good to-go mug is a wiser investment. Click To Tweet
  1. Make Coffee at Home: That $3 cappuccino habit adds up over a year, but a good to-go mug is a wiser investment. When you do order coffee on the go, some coffee shops offer a discount for using your own cup, and they sometimes have a frequent buyer program with rewards. Savings: $15 a week.
  2. Seek Out and Use Rewards Programs: Your grocery store, gas station, or any other businesses you frequent may offer savings or discounts that you can access just by signing up. Some grocery stores will also send you coupons based on items you typically buy, and you can find additional coupons in the newspaper or online. Many businesses offer a certain percentage off of your purchases for being a frequent buyer or purchasing certain amounts of certain items. Savings: $15 a week.
  3. Shop Online and Earn Rebates: Companies such as,, and allow you to receive a percentage of the money you spend back in cash or gift cards when you shop through their sites. Many of these sites also offer points or credit earned not by spending money but by participating in parts of their sites (such as watching videos or taking surveys). $15 a week.
  4. Buy Beverages in Bulk: Take soft drinks to-go rather than purchasing them on-the-go. Convenience stores markup individual drinks you can get much more cheaply from big box stores. If you plan ahead and purchase a six-pack or two of your favorite drink, you’re saving a fair amount while still being able to enjoy your beverage of choice. Savings: $10 a week.
  5. Shop Around: Call insurance providers to get the best rate, and do your research before making big purchases. A half-hour searching online or on the phone could be time well spent. There are lots of deals to be found and the savings can add up quickly. There are numerous apps that will assist you in your search for the best deal, and some that will even monitor the purchase price of the item both before and after you buy it and price match. $20 a week.


Some of these tips may be easier than others for you to implement. Not to worry! Introduce some of these tips into your normal routine one at a time, and soon you’ll start to notices savings on a daily basis. Once you start to see results, you’ll be inspired to do more. From there, the money you save will begin to grow and the sky is the limit!


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