August 5, 2020

Fortune Favors the Bold: Setting and Achieving Goals

As you map out your future and determine the actions that will lead you to your goals, you may wonder how much of it is really up to you. How much control do you really have when it comes to setting and achieving goals? Afterall, there are things in life that just come down to luck, aren’t there? To those who are wondering if they should leave it up to fate to decide their future, remember this: fortune favors the bold!

The people of ancient Rome used to worship gods and goddesses. One of the most revered goddesses was Fortuna, the goddess of luck. The phrase “Fortune favors the bold,” originates with Fortuna, so though she is known as the goddess of luck; she really awarded favor to those with strength of character, those who took action, and those who took risks. To truly get what we want, we must choose our own fortune.

Every single day we choose:

What am I going to focus on today?

What are my goals for this year?

What do I want my life to look like?

Based on our strength of character, our action, and our willingness to take risk, Fortuna either smiles on us, or she does not.

Here are 5 ways to guarantee Fortuna will smile on you:

  1. Write Your Own Fortune

Don’t expect the gods to decide what your destiny should be. Choose it for yourself. Know it will happen, literally, write it down, and then decide to achieve it. Being lucky is really about being in the driver’s seat; writing your own happy ending and turning it into a reality.

  1. Rinse and Repeat

Creating bold goals shouldn’t be a one-time deal. Don’t just write down your dreams, then put them away in a drawer and never look at them again. Goal setting should be a daily habit, like washing your hair. To get what you want, take out your goals and look at them every single day. Choose what you will do that day to bring yourself one step closer to those goals. Setting and achieving goals a commitment to yourself you’ll have to revisit and remake again and again.Goal setting should be a daily habit, like washing your hair. To get what you want, take out your goals and look at them every single day.CLICK TO TWEET

  1. Be Bold

Nothing great has ever come to anyone who kept their expectations low. Think big. Get outside of your comfort zone, and be willing to take risks. Set ambitious goals and ask a lot of yourself. Without the genuine possibility of failure, true success is not possible.

  1. Flex Your Character

Risk taking alone can’t rewrite your fortune. We all know risk takers who fall on their faces at every turn. You must show strength of character to make your risk taking pay off. That means having self-discipline, dignity, and restraint. It means planning and having, at all times, a vision for how you will turn risk into reward.

  1. Take Action

Without action, nothing and no one can ever move forward. Doing the work may be the simplest, yet hardest piece of the puzzle, but in order to get what you want, you must first get moving. Don’t just sit back and wait to get lucky. You must play an active role in your own life if you ever expect to create the kind of game-changing results needed to rewrite your fortune.

In the end, luck has nothing to do with it. The potential to write your own fortune in life is inside of you at all times. When you’re setting goals, choose to believe in them. Be willing to take risks, and decide that you will take the actions necessary to make those risks pay off.  True strength of character comes from trusting in yourself and knowing you have the power to make fortune smile on you. So be bold, and start turning those dreams into realities.

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