May 11, 2016

Get More Done in Less Time

Get More Done in Less Time Cydcor
Use these tips to become more productive without adding extra hours to your workday.

If you’re smart about how you manage your workday, you will find the extra hours you need to get more done. We support our employees and sales associates, and encourage them to find opportunities for innovation and improving processes. Cydcor even finds opportunities to model these behaviors for our daughters and sons. As you unpack your habits and routines, don’t judge yourself for procrastinating or struggling to reach your goals. Instead, make an effort to apply some of the following tips to help you improve your productivity. Eventually, you will create a new routine that will allow you to be more productive.

Rethink Your Routines

How much time do you spend getting your morning coffee? Checking and responding to email? It’s easy to convince yourself that you must read, react, respond, and reply to every single email. Review your daily routines to determine if you’re using your time efficiently. Cut ten minutes out of 3 of your daily routines by removing inefficient practices and you’ll already have found 30 extra minutes in your day. Use these intelligence-boosting strategies to improve your problem solving skills and come up with even more time saving strategies.

Organize Your Mind and Workspace

You’ll get more done at work if your mind and workspace are well organized. Commit to working on each task for 20 minutes. Use a timer on your phone, watch, or computer. After 20 minutes, check your messages. Politely inform your coworkers that you’re trying a new technique for getting things done so that they are able to respect your focus time instead of interrupting it. They may even decide they like the idea and begin to use it themselves.

Identify Your Most Important Tasks

At the end of the workday, identify your most important tasks for the next day. Review each of tasks and break them down into component tasks. This way, when you get to work the next day, you will know exactly what needs your attention and will get to spend time on your most crucial tasks right from the start of your day. Schedule time at home the night before to review your list of things to do and you’ll wake up feeling fresh and ready to rumble.

Getting more done in the same amount of time is hard work. Ask your coworkers and supervisors for their suggestions. Once you do that, you’ll have started a productive conversation that will result in better outcomes for everyone.

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