May 3, 2012

Great Leaders Make Tough Choices

Listening to a book on tape recently reminded me of George Washington’s great vision, leadership, and sacrifice. Every time I learn about Washington, I appreciate his leadership and ability to balance short- and long-term goals. He held true to his vision for our country, which focused on representative government, civil liberties, religious freedom, and each person being able to control his or her own destiny. The biggest obstacle to achieving this vision was King George III and British dominance over the Colonies.

Washington faced a difficult choice. He knew that creating the vision that would prove best in the long-term for our country would require short-term sacrifice. He would have to sacrifice personally by risking his life and all his personal wealth, being seven years away from his home and family. The country would have to sacrifice by experiencing short-term economic suffering as well as the deaths and raids caused by war.

Most people shy away from making such a difficult choice. Knowing that short-term sacrifice facilitates long-term success, however, makes the difficult choices easier. Thankfully for us, George Washington was willing to make the necessary sacrifices in the short-term to ensure a better future for America.