April 23, 2024

HERE IT IS: The ONLY Business Model That Works

Here’s what happens when entrepreneurs put serving others at the heart of their business. What could this mean for your entrepreneurial journey?

Here’s what happens when entrepreneurs put serving others at the heart of their business. What could this mean for your entrepreneurial journey?

We’re living in the golden age of entrepreneurship. 

In 2023, nearly 5.5 million new businesses were started in the United States—the most ever in a single year. As more entrepreneurs bring new products, services, and brands to market, we can only expect that number to keep rising.

But 70% of startups fail within their first 5 years—a testament to how hard it is for entrepreneurs to cut through the noise and build a business that lasts.

Here at Cydcor, we just celebrated our first 30 years in business. While celebrating this achievement, we’ve been able to reflect on our story, and how particularly difficult those first few years were.

For an entrepreneur to lead their startup toward success, it takes more than just talent and hard work (though putting in the work is crucial). It comes down to the business model.

Creating a business model that can turn a profit—consistently, for years to come—is easier said than done. But there is one element that is present in all successful business models, one that you can implement no matter what industry you are in:

Serve others.

Here’s how serving others supports your entire business model—and why it’s the only path to a sustainable business.

Solving a Problem

The best businesses begin with the solution to a problem…

The best businesses begin with the solution to a problem…

Helping someone solve a problem is one of the highest forms of service. If you can create a business that alleviates pain and improves the lives of others, you’re on the right track.

That’s why some of the most profitable companies start almost by accident—launched by entrepreneurs who are not even trying to start a business. They’re just people who set out to fix a problem—and are rewarded for it.

A sustainable business model is based on a mutual exchange between a business and its customers. Starting out, the ball is in your court as an entrepreneur to kick off such a partnership. If your first priority isn’t to better the lives of your customers, it doesn’t matter what the rest of your business model is—nobody will be interested in buying from you.

We live in a world where it seems everyone wants something from us. Putting service above everything is what will set you apart from the competition—and make people excited to be working with you over others. 

A business isn’t successful just on the merit that it can extract money from its customers.

A business is measured by the problems that it is solving for others. The money comes afterward. And people feel good paying for something that they know is making their life better. 

Trust Builds Empires

For a startup to survive, building trust is crucial

For a startup to survive, building trust is crucial

What happens when you start solving people’s problems, and put service to them first? 

They trust you. If you’re an entrepreneur getting a startup through its first few years, trust is your greatest asset. 

When you give to others, they often willingly give back. This could mean referrals, great reviews, or even continued patronage. 

Getting trust is what so many entrepreneurs struggle with—because it’s not just about saying you’re here to help, it’s about following through on the promise. 

This is where the pack starts to thin. Every business says they’re out here to help people, but only the best allow those principles to carry into their day-to-day actions.

Making Money… Now What?

Success is just an opportunity to serve MORE people!

Success is just an opportunity to serve MORE people!

Of course, there is no business model without a mechanism to turn a profit. If serving others first is a means to make money, what should happen when the business is bringing in revenue?

That just means you can serve more people!

If you want your business to last, it’s important to not lose sight of the initial mission. It’s easy to be customer-obsessed and put service first when you’re small and starting out—but it gets harder and harder as you grow.

But if you keep laser-focused on putting service first, new opportunities to help others and drive more business emerge.

With scale comes the ability to lower the price of your service or product while maintaining the quality and margins. Now more people can access your solution than ever before.

Growth also necessitates a larger team. Now, you’re not just serving customers—you’re getting opportunities for people to support their families and build a career. 

Profit also gives you the chance to give back. Many entrepreneurs find joy and fulfillment in philanthropic endeavors that go beyond their core business.

If you keep your business model centered around service to others, you achieve a snowball effect. The commitment to bettering the lives of others becomes the means for making a profit. And making said profit is a means to bettering more lives. 

This is what separates the startups that fizzle out after a couple of years, and the businesses that continue to grow as the decades roll on. 

At Cydcor, we’ve always been in the “people serving people” business. It’s what’s allowed us to grow through our first three decades in business.

Knowing that this is the only business model that can stand the test of time, we’re confident that we’ll continue to grow as the decades roll by.

We hope that this inspires you to put service at the core of your business and career. Apply your entrepreneurial drive towards a business model like this—and you will be rewarded with more than just profit!

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