October 24, 2014

Here We Grow Again 2014

Cydcor is growing! The build out crew in our new space has been hard at work and they have made considerable progress! Take a look at the pictures and you’ll see that the framing for most offices and the hallways is close to completion. The next steps were wiring in the office walls and drywall – exciting!


The offices that are along the internal wall have been constructed so there is now clear division. A lot of work has been done on the lobby. The ceiling and walls have been opened up so that the staircase can be built. First, the construction crew needs to put in large heavy steel beams for support.



There has been so much progress made in the past two weeks. The glass frames have been installed for each office and all walls are up and prepped for painting.

The lobby is completely opened up and the staircase is nearing completion. In just two and a half short weeks furniture and fixtures will start being delivered and placed.


Stay tuned for more information on the move!