September 1, 2023

How Cydcor Became An 11-Time Winner of The Best Places to Work in LA

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The Los Angeles Business Journal has honored Cydcor as one of the Best Places to Work in Los Angeles for 2023. This is the 11th time one of the industry-leading outsourced sales companies has made this esteemed list – and their people-first approach to business is no doubt integral to this continued success. 

You can’t foster a thriving work environment by cutting corners. From the physical space of an office to the culture that flows through it – turning a business into a great place to work takes time, care, and intention.  

When a team is refreshed, empowered, and well supported by their company, the impact is felt by customers, the community, and the industry at large. Thus, it comes as no surprise to see that Cydcor (a leading outsourced sales company headquartered in Agoura Hills, California), continues to gain recognition for their work environment in companion to their results in business. 

The latest in this ongoing story comes from the Los Angeles Business Journal, who have honored Cydcor by ranking them as one of the Best Places To Work 2023Cydcor is no stranger to this award: they’ve now been recognized by the Journal a monumental eleven times. 

“We’ve built Cydcor into a company that our entire team can be proud to work at,” CEO Vera Quinn says. “Recognition like this is a great honor – and we will continue to find ways to support the growth of our people.” 

This was announced Wednesday, August 9th, when Los Angeles’ top companies gathered at The Biltmore Los Angeles to celebrate the best in leadership, corporate culture, and workplace empowerment. Cydcor’s presence amongst this esteemed group of companies is based on a detailed survey executed by Workforce Research Group. The survey evaluates policies, philosophies, systems, employee experiences, and more – all to determine what companies truly are the best to work at. 

When we think of great work opportunities and environments, often benefits, perks, and office amenities come to mind. Cydcor boasts all this, from its community outreach opportunities, health, vision, and life insurance, and its onsite gym that encourages its teams to lead active and exciting lives. But there is something more important underlying the employee experience: culture. 

“We want to enjoy what we do, win, and be around great people,” says Quinn. “That only happens when we come through for our people and help them be successful.” 


Cydcor has a number of company values that define its culture and directly influence the way that employees and team members experience the company. To name just a couple, a spirit of collaboration and the respect of “every brain in the game” remain central to the company’s continued success. 

Cydcor is an amalgamation of so many distinct minds, different talents, and unique people,” Quinn says. “In any business decisions we make, the first thing we think about is who needs to be a part of this decision? Who has the best information?” 

Putting this into practice makes Cydcor a company that invites innovation and new ideas – and calls on its team to drive everyone forward with their specific knowledge, expertise, and skills. This inspires the people within the company to show up as their best selves – because they know that their gifts are not going to fly under the radar.  

Beyond just wanting to be heard, people want to be pushed to explore and utilize their abilities to the highest good. Studies continue to show the positive psychology of challenge – and by “getting every brain in the game,” Cydcor creates an environment where employees can see tangible career growth through the expression of their specific skill sets and perspectives. 

By tapping into this, Cydcor has created a place where what’s good for its people is good for the company – and vice versa. By encouraging candor, collaboration, and innovation, they’ve not only been able to attract great talent, they’ve also been able to keep talent engaged and invested in the growth of the team at large. 

By being intentional about culture and diligent in fostering a great work environment, Cydcor has secured a future through its people. This eleventh-time award for One of the Best Places to Work comes as the company prepares for its 30th anniversary in 2024.  

Cydcor has built its workplace culture and environment over its first three decades in service. As a company that doesn’t believe in finish lines, this 11-time award is only the beginning. 

“What makes great companies last for generations?” Quinn asks. “It’s the culture, the system, and the people passing it down over time. We want to build for generations, and we just have the baton for a little bit of time. By staying true to our culture and keeping the best talent engaged, we’ll remain as one of the best places to work for a long, long time.” 

To learn more about Cydcor – and even get a closer look at what it’s like to work with the company – visit their website.  

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