October 31, 2018

How Great Salespeople Spend Their Free Time

As much as you may want to stay on the clock 24-7, chasing leads and locking down the next deal, it’s important to allow yourself time to decompress. Great salespeople know in order to always be closing, sometimes you have to step away for a few. Pulling back from planning and pitching, however, doesn’t mean your free time can’t be spent putting yourself in position for future sales success.

Great salespeople know in order to always be closing, sometimes you have to step away for a few. Share on X

Discover how to spend free time in ways that don’t just help you relax, but also help you continue to sharpen your saw, refine critical skills, and increase your value in the workplace. In this infographic, Cydcor shows you how a few sales titans have used their favorite activities, hobbies and interests to help push themselves to the apex of their industries. You’ll meet the man whose sales techniques helped shape modern sales and the woman who turned the color pink into big green. You’ll learn the greatest sin in sales and see how the greats have even turned their hobbies into record-breaking achievements.


Infographic showing how great salespeople spend their free time
How Great Salespeople Spend Their Free Time


We hope you’ll use these examples to help guide how to spend your free time. Print it out and post it at your desk, or use it when you just need a little extra motivation. The next time you’re considering working through the weekend, consider instead how you can make the most of your leisure time by finding activities that feed your need to unwind while also fueling your passion for long-term growth.


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