May 13, 2015

How to Accept Feedback

Cydcor-Wordpress-FeedbackWelcome to the Cydcor WordPress blog!

Making the most of feedback, positive or negative, is a crucial skill for professionals, especially those that are on the Cydcor team. In order for us to grow, we must know what we’re doing right, but also we need to know what we can improve on. It can be tough to accept feedback because it’s coming from an outside source. We’re used to doing things a certain way, and when someone says it should be done in a different manner, we can get defensive. Accepting feedback isn’t the easiest task, but with experience, we can make the most of it. Here are three steps to accepting feedback:

Listen. Be attentive and listen carefully to what this person is saying. This communicates that you value the feedback, and it ensures that you understand the feedback being provided. Everyone deserves to be heard, so always give people a chance.

Assess. Either the feedback will support the work you’ve been doing, or go against it. If it’s positive, then you have earned another supporter. If it’s critical, you either go with it or go against it.

Negative feedback can hold within it a lot of useful information that is simply too valuable to ignore. Sometimes even when you agree with the contrary feedback, you will be inclined to defend your position. Don’t waste time on this sort of defense! Accept the feedback, analyze its value, and apply it.

Act. If you ask for feedback but do not apply it, then there wasn’t much reason to ask for it in the first page. Take action as soon as possible after you receive feedback, and show your appreciation. If we aren’t able to at least consider some changes after receiving feedback, there’s no point in hearing it at all.

A key thing to remember about accepting feedback: it is one opinion coming from another individual’s perspective. It is up to you thoughtfully reflect about it, compare it to other feedback you have received, and do something about it. It’s extremely difficult for us to see ourselves as others see us, but it’s also very important that we don’t allow blinders to get in the way of opportunity. As you learn more about yourself, feedback will become less painful. You will learn how to put it into a larger perspective and how to use it to better yourself for the future. Feedback is honestly one of the best gifts to receive from colleagues, and us at Cydcor always try to make the most of it.