October 23, 2013

How to Spend More Time Selling

According to Oracle, sales people spent 78% of their time looking for leads.  That leaves very little time for actual selling, especially when relationship building is so crucial to making the sale. So how can one manage leads and spend more time selling? Here are some tips from Cydcor Sales Blog.

Start by organizing your leads into categories of likelihood. One for people who have bought from you before.  Two for people who have expressed interest.  Three for people you think would really benefit from your product or service. And four for completely cold leads.  Categories one and two should take up most of your time, building relationship.

Think of the 80/20, which says that eighty percent of sales come form twenty percent of our clients.  Many sales people and entrepreneurs alike are happier and more profitable when they make the most time for happy, enduring customers.  That is why it is crucial to structure and evolve your business in a way that will bring in streams of income from your best customers.  Whether that is a continued service, multiple services or new products, one must keep core clients happy and interested.

When generating new leads, stay within your network.  You may need to cold call sometimes, but be smarter about it. Instead of spending time making calls to a list of a thousand, do research on a hundred and know why they need your business before you call.  You will come off as more diligent, certain and provide your lead with information more relevant to them than a script.  It also gives you time to ask questions.

If you need new perspective on what your customers are looking for, take a few past customers or customers of your competition out to lunch. Ask them what they like about their experience as a customer.  Focus on the traits you hear in positive feedback and make them your main selling points.  Take the time to build strategy around who your customers are and what they really need.

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