March 11, 2014

Investing in Your Career

Cydcor CareerWhen an entrepreneur gets an idea for a business, investments need to be made into the idea to make it a reality.  Investment is not only a reference to financial backing, but personal time, planning and energy.  At Cydcor, we believe today’s job seekers should look to entrepreneurship for inspiration on making career decisions.  Treating your resume like a business plan is the best way to create a career that is fulfilling.  Starting out can be overwhelming, so it is important to plan and build a winning resume that will get the attention of the employers you want to work for.

Start out by deciding on the job you want the most, then work your way backwards.  For example, if you want to be a chief executive officer of a sales and consulting company like Cydcor, then trace the step of the current CEO of the company you like and of its competitors.  Learn what skills you need, such as leadership, communication, finance and project management.  You can improve those skills through school or various projects.  Make a list of skills you need, and the various job titles that will get you the necessary experience, all the way back to the beginning.

Here are some tips on investing in your resume and creating the career you want:

  1. Keep a record of every accomplishment.  Certificates, projects, volunteer work can all help you showcase any skills you develop along the way.
  2. Join relevant professional groups.  Meetings of Young Professionals or other industry related associations can improve your network and give you more ideas about what career paths to pursue.
  3. Take initiative.  Start a website or club, write a book or organize an event to get the experience you want.
  4. Treat every job like it is the best job you’ve ever had.  Taking pride in your work will project reliability, good work ethic and capability to others.
  5. Read plenty of books by people in your field, keep up with industry news, and become an expert in your industry.

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