August 31, 2016

Key Ingredients to a Productive Office Environment

Key Ingredients to a Productive Office Environment Cydcor
Being more productive at work could mean a huge difference when it comes to getting what you want out of your team

A happy and engaged employee is a productive employee. While everyone has different ideas about what constitutes a productive and proactive office environment, there are a multitude of ingredients that make up a team of focused and hardworking employees. Being more productive at work could be the key when it comes to getting your team on the same page. Consider the following examples of how to make your office environment strong and productive:

Culture. Personality is a very important factor in the hiring process. You may find the “perfect” employee on paper, but if they don’t fit in with the company (and your team’s) culture, everyone is likely to suffer. You can help new employees adapt to your company culture faster by encouraging teambuilding activities. Working together to accomplish a common goal brings people closer.

Lighting. It’s amazing how much work is done when people can see. As funny as that sounds, natural light has been proven to help with productivity, focus and energy. If you have access to a well-lit space, utilize it. Otherwise, invest in some good lamps with adjustable filters and energy saving light bulbs.

Space and decor. Aesthetics are important. A more homey feel (couches, pillows, comfy chairs) can do wonders for an employee’s work ethic and comfort levels, especially when they have space in which to move. Sterile offices make for sterile employees, but an inviting atmosphere makes people want to be working. Focusing on a clean workspace can really help to improve performance overall.

Flexibility. This one may be hard for some, but it’s extremely important to give employees some flexibility in their schedule. This doesn’t mean two-hour lunch breaks or binge watching Netflix at your desk. It means having the time for doctor’s appointments and kid’s recitals, and being able to work from home when the plumber is coming. Work is more enjoyable – and less stressful – when you still have time for everyday life.

Breaks. Productivity is not equal to the amount of hours sitting at one’s desk. In fact, your team is more likely to get burnt out if they aren’t given a minute to step away. Eating lunch at their desk doesn’t mean they are doing more – or better – work. Allow your team to have a few minutes each day to decompress, whether it’s to eat lunch in peace or grab a cup of coffee and take a walk. It’s a great way to re-energize and make good use of their workday.

Team building. A strong and productive team works well together because they like each other. Team outings build camaraderie and strengthen relationships. Anything from bowling night, to pizza parties, or eating lunch together once a month can reignite your team members’ passion for their work.

These are just a few examples of how to make an office environment strong and productive. Yet the common theme is simple: make your office a place where your team enjoys going to each day and you will see an exponential rise in productivity.

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