July 5, 2011

Learning by Example

A colleague recently asked me who was the greatest influence in my life. Without hesitation, I replied, “my grandparents.”

I recall that my grandfather and grandmother came over every Sunday to be with my family. This was important to me because my dad worked every weekend. They taught me how to read, helped me develop a love of learning and took me to my first ball games.

It was their example, however, that inspired me the most. They were selfless in how they treated my each of us. They thought the best of everyone, listened well and never judged. They were nurturing toward my siblings and me, and their kindness shaped our characters. They were there for all of us, and nothing was more important to them than family.

My grandparents never lectured us on the importance of these values. They simply lived them and became our role models.

I aspire to be like these two amazing individuals, taking care to remember that the example I set through my character and actions speak louder than any words.