April 16, 2014

Cydcor Reviews Linchpin by Seth Godin


This week, the Cydcor team highlights another Seth Godin treasure, Linchpin.  For more Seth Godin wisdom, see our Cydcor review on Permission Marketing.

Description of this book: Linchpin was written by marketing expert Seth Godin, who believes that finding career success today depends on learning how to market one’s self.  Linchpins are an upcoming role in the world of tech, start-ups and the age of entrepreneurship.  The linchpins are those that come up with new solutions, break the mold, and foster creativity in companies.  Linchpin is about learning how to break out of the systemic roles traditionally in the workplace and implement new ideas where you work.  Often, the linchpins are the indispensable people in the background, empowering others, but staying out of the spotlight.  They often have a less specific role in the company, but rather focus on specific needs as the work scape morphs and changes.  Godin believes everyone has something brilliant to offer, and being able to harness that brilliance and bring it to the workplace can equal success and happiness.

Cydcor recommends this book to professionals because: Godin has written many bestselling books on how marketing works and how companies behave, this book is specifically how to manage your career and create success and satisfaction at work.  Godin explains that everyone must strive to be a linchpin, to become indispensable, or suffer.  The job markets today are focused on efficiency and creativity, so only those making the most impact will get ahead.

Our favorite part: “There are no longer any great jobs where people tell you exactly what to do”.  Godin highlights the importance of taking initiative, learning to work autonomously and bridging those gaps between being managed and over-managing.  Flexibility and motivation are the new keys to success.

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