May 1, 2015

Managing Company Pages on Social Media

Flickr CC via Michael Kwan (Freelancer)

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The amount of companies and brands on social media continues to grow. A large part of reaching an online audience requires excellent social media skills, and companies only hire the best to represent their online interests. The following are a few tips to remember when managing a company profile on social media, and how you can grow your company page into something bigger and noteworthy.

Consistency is Key

Posting on a consistent basis is the first step to managing a company page well. No one wants to follow a company that only updates their account once a month. Post updates on a regular basis, but don’t post so much that you annoy your followers. Balance is always the best way to handle things.

Establish a Voice

A company page’s updates should have a professional voice that can still be approachable. While your posts should be consistent, it’s also important to note the way sentences are phrased and whether or not they fall in line with the voice your company represents. Depending on the type of audience, an online voice can be playful or stern. Realizing which one suits you best is key to establishing a good rapport with followers.

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Know Your Audience

Who are your followers? An online audience on social media for a company is typically made up of fans, employees, family members of employees, and potential employees. Be sure to tailor updates to each part of your body of followers. It’s also a good idea to take note of what times of day you receive the best engagement–use this to guide when you post in the future.

Be Respectful

The worst thing that can happen on social media is to offend a large part of an audience and receive negative feedback. Always try to play it safe while still taking chances and being innovative. Audiences like brands that have a sense of humor but are still respectful of everyone’s feelings.

Showcase the People Who Make Up the Company

People who follow your pages want to know more about the people that make up your company. Be sure to showcase any office goings-on or charitable events. These posts tend to do very well with engagement.

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