December 18, 2013

Creating New Year Goals for your Business

Cydcor New Years Business GoalsIt’s very common for a business to set goals to achieve positive results in the beginning of the year. It can be a challenge for businesses to execute goals and stick to the plan. No matter the size or magnitude, the success of the business depends on setting and achieving goals. Be prepared for the New Year by following this advice on how to create and follow through on business goals for the next 12 months. At Cydcor, we put a lot of emphasis on goal setting, including financial and professional development goals.

Find out what’s not working: Could meetings be more productive? Should your potential customer size be larger? Sit down and see what goals you really want to achieve this year. It doesn’t mean finding everything wrong with your business; instead, focus on things that you want to see fixed or created soon.

Make sure goals are achievable: There’s nothing worse than setting a goal and never being able to achieve it. If you are planning on setting a company goal, make sure that it is actually possible to do. Set people up for success, not failure.

Are the goals relevant?: You may want to have the best year of business you’ve ever seen, but if new competitors have opened in your market, this goal may not be relevant to reality. Dream big and aim for the stars but keep one foot on the ground.

Use numbers: By utilizing numbers in the goals you create, you have a measurable way to identify if the goals were achieved. A white board in the office can help as a daily reminder as well. Numbers are an essential part of business and sales, so why not apply them to your goals too?

Cydcor New Years

Apply the right time frame: Company goals could last a years long, weeks long, or even days long. If you’re setting a new goal, make sure you give an ample amount of time that works well with all parties involved. Too much time can have employees stretching out and wasting time, while goals with a short time period may discourage some from attempting to try to achieve it.

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