April 15, 2016

Opportunities for Finding New Clients Are Everywhere

Opportunities for Finding New Clients Are Everywhere
How do you go about finding new clients? Don’t overthink it—new clients may be just around the corner, waiting for you to reach out to them.

Think about how many interactions with other people you have each day: ordering your coffee, chatting with a stranger over lunch, or meeting people on a bus on your way back home. Each interaction represents an opportunity to turn a stranger into a customer. At Cydcor, we believe that networking is crucial for finding new contacts. Here are some tips for turning connections into customers.

Refine and Memorize Your Elevator Pitch

The function of an elevator pitch is to communicate what you do to someone else. If someone can’t understand your business, they won’t be able to see the value it could provide. Your story should be conversational and convey your work briefly.

Work the Contacts You Already Have

You know more people than just those you interact with every day: think on all of your friends and their friends, former coworkers, family members, and past clients. Connect with as many people as you can to get your name out there. Network with “People You May Know” on LinkedIn, fellow alumni, or get to know people who have the same creative outlet as you.

Determine Who Will Make a Good Connection

A good contact is someone who would find value in working with you and seems genuinely interested in what you do. People should be comfortable with you before you give them your pitch. If they like you, they’re more likely to want to learn more about you and about your business.

Follow up With Potential Customers

Put potential customers’ information in your contacts list as soon as you get a chance. Send them an email to follow up if they’ve expressed interest in working with you, or even if you just want to say how great it was to meet them.

Market Yourself Online

Compose smartly crafted newsletters and keep a valuable blog up to date with fresh, new content. The more people who subscribe to your platforms and pay attention to your company, the better. Also leverage the power of social media. More and more people these days use social media to learn about a topic or a business. Social media can help you reach people you normally wouldn’t interact with on a daily basis. So, take advantage of the many networking sites available online.

Be Mindful of Your Potential Client’s Needs

Once you have made a first impression on a new contact do not overstay your welcome if you notice they are busy or rushed. Offer a friendly good-bye after you’ve exchanged contact information, and then be on your way. Don’t flood them with too much information. Be aware of the queues your contacts give you such as time constraints. You will be better off leaving your contacts wanting to know more about what you have to offer at a later time rather than forcing a conversation when is not the right time.

So, tell us, do you use casual conversations to discover new customers? what techniques do you use to find new customers in creative ways? Post your story on Twitter and follow us @Cydcor.

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