November 5, 2015

Stars Earn Recognition By Exceeding Expectations

Cydcor Sales Stars Earn Recognition By Exceeding ExpectationsIn order to shine bright as a star in your workplace, you must establish a set of goals and not only achieve them but exceed them. A star never lets obstacles get in their way.

The first step to stardom requires an attitude adjustment. Start by examining your outlook about work to see if you’re being influenced by negative thoughts. Rethink your negatives and turn them into positives. That’s how you ignite your spark and shine like the star. A star is rewarded with recognition not because they’re good at their job. A star earns recognition because they’re providing exceptional service to their company.

Here are some thoughtful methods for building recognition for your achievements:

Communicate Effectively

A star at work shines because coworkers talk about the unique qualities they saw in you. You need to be a good communicator in order to get people talking about your shining achievements. You don’t need to talk a lot; you need to provide information that matters.

Develop Valuable Skills

Recognition and awards are often given to people who have special skills or expertise in an area. Identify the skills most valuable to your company and become more skillful in those areas. These can range from soft skills like creative problem solving, writing, or negotiation to technical or computer skills.

Document Your Wins

No one else is going to remember what you’ve done. You’re not necessarily on your own but you’re part of a large system where everyone has their own goals and achievements on their minds. Make a record of your star-making achievements. It’s the hard proof you need to show your supervisor that you’re valuable to the company and deserving of recognition and advancement.

Do More

Once your work is done, your job is just beginning. You must regularly ace your everyday assignments and then provide your company with the innovation that makes you a visible and valuable member of the organization. If there is an opportunity to take on a new assignment, take that opportunity. Before saying yes be certain that you have the time to excel at star level tasks.

Create a Network

Review your list of contacts and identify their areas of expertise. Figure out how you can help them and identify possible solutions you might be able to provide. These people are your allies and will help you to build a reputation that leads to recognition and awards.

Always Be Willing to Help

A star is humble and always willing to pitch in when help is required. You’re ready to listen to other people and aren’t defensive when you’re given an assignment. A star focuses on what needs to get done and gets it done.

It’s time for you to shine. Your colleagues, team members, and supervisors are committed to the success of the company and, therefore, they’re committed to your success as well. It’s a win-win situation. So, what are you waiting for?

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