December 2, 2011

The Importance of Confidence

During a USC class, we learned about a conference that was attended by 60 top business leaders. The leaders were asked to name their biggest fear. All 60 had the same answer, although not the same exact words.  For each of them, their biggest fear is that people will find out that they are not so good.

Almost everyone struggles with confidence. Each of us has to realize that success comes from effort, discipline, work ethic, resiliency, preparation, going the extra mile, student mentality and treating people well.  Talented people sometimes think that there is a magic formula of business skills to learn to become successful, or that you have to be like someone else. The reality is that anyone can do anything with will power.

All of us need to ask ourselves these questions: How confident are we in our effort? In our discipline? In our work ethic?  In our resiliency?  In our preparation?  In going the extra mile?  In treating people well? In our student mentality? If you are confident in these areas, you should be very confident in your success.