July 24, 2013

The One Minute Manager

This is our third installment of our book reviews project designed to introduce you to books that Cydcor team members find especially valuable.  This review is by Edvil, a Cydcor DM Lead. This is the first review that Edvil has done for us.

Title: The One Minute Manager

Author: Ken Blanchard and Spencer Johnson

Description of the book: Story is about a young man who wants to find out what makes a great manager. He meets a manager that everyone talks about in a company and how amazing he is at managing people. He talks to several people about this manager and finally speaks with the manager himself. He gives him some tools on how to become a good “one minute manager”.

Why should you read this? If anyone is new at managing this would be a good book to start out with on how to manage people. It’s a very easy read and easy to understand the logic behind the tips/tools given to become a good manager.

My favorite part: Favorite part for me was on how to make the people you manage lead the meetings we have and come up with their own ideas/goals. Making them feel like they came up with them instead of me “telling” them what to do. Makes them manage their own notes and prepare better before the meetings.