May 13, 2014

Cydcor Reviews ‘The Personal MBA’

Here is Cydcor’s review of The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufman.

About The Personal MBA:  This is a pocket version of what you would learn in business school.  Getting an MBA is a big commitment of both time and money.  One book can’t replace an education, but The Personal MBA provides tools and resources to get you in the right direction to become a successful business leader.  Josh Kaufman founded as an alternative to the business school boondoggle. His blog has introduced hundreds of thousands of readers to the best business books and most powerful business concepts of all time. Now, he shares the essentials of entrepreneurship, marketing, sales, negotiation, operations, productivity, systems design, and much more, in one comprehensive volume.  The book argues that true leadership comes from self-driven individuals and not from school.

Cydcor recommends this book to future leaders because:  It explains the big concepts of navigating both the corporate world and the path of entrepreneurship.  These concepts include The Iron Law of The Market (being limited to the size of your market and how to identify large, unsaturated ones), The 12 Forms of Value (many ways to create value for customers), The Pricing Uncertainty Principle (knowing how to support charging more), and 4 Methods to Increase Revenue (the ways in which you can earn more money for your business).  The book covers the nuts and bolts of running a company, large or small.

Our favorite part: Kaufman provides a long list of examples of people who did not need an MBA to succeed in business.  Quotes from prominent businessmen to motivate you is also a great help, and when you want more information, the book also contains a list of the “99 Best Business Books” for further learning.

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