February 8, 2011

The Tortoise Wins Super Bowl MVP

Aaron Rodgers Super Bowl MVP image: www.sportydesktops.com

Aaron Rodgers, the Super Bowl MVP, is an example of the tortoise beating the hare.  Rodgers was not recruited by any Division I universities.  He had to start his college career at an obscure junior college.  Cal was recruiting a tight end at that junior college when they happened to notice Rodgers.  They gave a scholarship to both players.  But Rodgers was not the reason why they made the recruiting visit.

After a stellar career at Cal, experts predicted that Rodgers would be the first or second pick in the NFL draft.  Excruciatingly and humiliatingly, he was snubbed and dropped all the way down to the 24th pick.  For many of us who watched this on television, it was painful to see.

Rodgers was drafted by the Green Bay Packers and had to sit on the bench behind legend, Brett Favre.  Other young quarterbacks were getting more playing time and accolades.  Rodgers was patient, diligent and hard working.  He finally got his chance when Favre was traded and a few years later, he is a Super Bowl champion.

He was not recruited out of high school, he was snubbed in the NFL draft, he had to wait patiently on the bench, but he finally got his chance and succeeded.  It is not how fast you start, but where you end up.  As Aesop fabled, “slow and steady wins the race.”

– Gary