March 25, 2014

Cydcor Reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Cydcor reviews tipping point

Another great book, Cydcor reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Description of this book: Gladwell, a journalist and writer for The New Yorker magazine, is known for his comprehensive examinations of how change or success happens.  The Tipping Point is an in depth look at how ideas get made into wildly popular companies, books or trends.  Everything from television shows to teen smoking, popularity of ideas is modeled like an epidemic.  There are carriers, those that evangelize the idea and get people excited about it.  Malcolm Gladwell explains that there are three types of people involved in spreading an idea: connectors, mavens and salespeople.  Connectors are people with a wide social network that are good at creating communities to rally for the concept.  Mavens are knowledgeable experts that enjoy educating the public on their area of expertise.  Salespeople are gifted at drumming up excitement for new things.

Cydcor recommends this book to future leaders and business people because: Gladwell has a talent for identifying key factors in how to make something popular.  The biggest difference in an idea that fails and one that succeeds is knowing the right people to hand your idea to.  Networking, knocking on the right doors and finding the people who will think the idea is “cool” is the best way to become a viral sensation.  However, Gladwell also explains that ideas need to have “stickiness” factor that will help the important people spread it to others.  Both of those factors also have to an in an environment where the idea and the people are relevant to current sentiment.

Our favorite part: “The success of any kind of social epidemic is heavily dependent on the involvement of people with a particular and rare set of social gifts.”

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