June 3, 2024

Top 5 Corporate Events 2024

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From networking with industry leaders to learning from top innovators, these are the can’t-miss events for this year.

Connecting with others is the best way to grow as a professional. Most of the world’s top companies understand this—and put on yearly conferences to bring their organization, network, and industry together.

Among these, some organizations take it to a whole other level. Featuring life-changing breakouts and late-night networking parties, here are the top corporate events we can’t wait for in 2024

1.  NatCon — Cydcor

This multinational event pays homage to the entrepreneurial spirit. Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales, always puts on a great show at its annual National Conference.

NatCon gathers business owners and entrepreneurs from throughout Cydcor’s network of independent sales offices. Held in Texas and Montreal, both conferences celebrate the past success of top performers while fueling future growth.

In powerful breakouts with leaders such as CEO Vera Quinn and Executive Chairman Gary Polson, entrepreneurs will glean the experience and wisdom that’s come from Cydcor’s 3 decades (and counting) in business. NatCon also invites top performers to come share their unique recipe for success, as breakouts/pannels touch on various innovations and opportunities within the industry.

Running for three days, NatCon reflects Cydcor’s reputation for excitement and momentum. The energy builds to an award ceremony honoring the achievements of top performers in ICLs throughout Cydcor’s network.

NatCon 2024 is scheduled for September—and is the perfect boost for entrepreneurs looking to finish the final quarter of the year strong. Last year’s theme was “Game On” and we’re eagerly waiting on Cydcor to reveal the focus for this iteration of their National Conferences.

1.  Think — IBM

IBM has been a global leader in technology research and consulting for over a century—we expect nothing less than monumental from their yearly conference.

Since 2018, IBM Think has allowed business leaders and tech insiders to learn about and discuss the latest in industrial technology. Think 2024—hitting Boston in late May—will focus on using AI to scale businesses, a hot topic that will continue to trend as the year goes on.

Over 5000 attendees from over 1000 organizations will be able to hear directly from the minds shaping the AI revolution. This includes keynotes from IBM’s Head of Research Dr. Darío Gil, Senior VP of Product Management and Growth Kareem Yusuf, and over 150 other industry leaders. Along with all the buzz around AI, business leaders will also learn about leveraging IBM’s Quantum to get a tech boost over their competitors.

IBM has had an active hand in technology innovations throughout the modern era. If you want to hear what their top minds are thinking about in 2024, don’t miss out on Think!

2.  Dreamforce — Salesforce

This yearly event is a force to be reckoned with—literally. Dreamforce, put on by CRM leader Salesforce, is known to put San Fransisco to a standstill. Bringing in thousands of attendees (with over 40,000 coming in person last year), Dreamforce is as much a logistical marvel as it is a fantastic corporate event.

Salesforce is a software that professionals across organizations use daily—which makes for a diverse and multidisciplinary crowd. Whatever your job title is, there’s a keynote or workshop that dives into the nitty gritty of how you can use the technology more effectively.

“True to the Core,” a Q&A with Salesforce’s top execs, continues to be a top highlight for those curious about features, updates, and even their biggest frustrations with the software.

It’s not all business at Dreamforce, though. The party schedule is just as extensive as the event’s educational offerings.

Dreamforce 2024 hits San Francisco in September. Best plan ahead: traffic getting into town will be a nightmare!

3.  Strategic Growth Forum – EY

There are few opportunities to rub shoulders with the world’s top CEOs, executives, and business leaders quite like this. Put on by the big four firm Ernst & Young, the Strategic Growth Forum allows attendees to network and learn from “the authors of the future.”

The marquee event of the forum is the Entrepreneur Of The Year® US awards—which recognizes the incredible leaders that will shape the economy for years to come. The Illumination Experience is also a highlight—offering executives in attendance hands-on time with cutting-edge technology that will play a major role moving forward. Keynotes and workshops on topics from revenue growth to market insights are also on the agenda.

Beyond all this, the Strategic Growth Forum is one of the best environments for good old-fashioned networking. If you’re looking for investors, new partners, and even customers, this is where they’ll be.

EY’s Strategic Growth Forum 2024 takes place this November in Palm Springs.

4.  I/O — Google

Google’s playful approach to innovation takes center stage at I/O, the company’s flagship developer conference. It’s even become a tradition for the event dates to be revealed via an interactive puzzle game.

I/O is an opportunity for developers around the world to hone their problem-solving skills, get ahead of the curve on innovation, and have fun doing it.

While I/O is largely attended online, Google has emphasized interactivity for its 2024 event. There is a wide range of communities attendees can join, allowing them to network with developers from around the world. The hope for Google is that these connections last much longer than the event itself, as newly formed professional connections fuel future innovation.

I/O 24 takes over the digital realm in mid-May—and it’s not just professional developers who are excited about it. Hobbyists and novices alike are invited to come attend. Consumers also watch over I/O with a curious eye—as the event often reveals new features and tech products dropping later in the year.

Whether you’re celebrating success with top performers in Cydcor’s network, or learning about the latest AI innovations from the heads of IBM, nothing rivals what you’ll experience at these top corporate events!

Maybe we’ll see you at one of them!

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