April 17, 2015

Toxic Employee Traits That Can Slow Progress

Cydcor-Sales-Toxic-EmployeesMost people will find themselves from time-to-time not performing up to their potential. It’s usually one or two things holding them back, and with the right coaching and mentoring, they can correct their flaws. When finding these types of toxic employee traits, it’s important to realize they can be fixed. Office leaders must work with their team to get rid of these flaws and improve on overall performance. A team that focuses on ridding themselves of the following toxic employee traits will rapidly find success.

Frequent Complaining

Everyone needs a few moments to grumble about something they aren’t happy with, but there are always people who don’t do anything about it. Leaders must work with these people to make improvements on their attitudes. By eliminating frequent complaining, a team can work more efficient and not sweat the small stuff.

Excuse Making

A professional always owns up to their mistakes and is willing to work toward fixing them. An employee who makes excuses on a daily basis does not demonstrate much responsibility. Make it clear that excuses will not be tolerated. Taking responsibility for actions is key to maturing into a true leader.


A strong team requires trust and faith in each other, and gossiping goes against both of these things. A team with the strongest bond possible will always trump anyone else. This may require extra time on team building exercises, as well as getting to know a team outside of work. When everyone can trust each other, there’s no point in spreading rumors.


People who settle for less have no place on an all-star team. People who take initiative and aren’t afraid to be leaders will find themselves evolving for the better. Stressing the idea that everyone’s future is in their own hands can give a team that final push they’ve been looking for.

Non-Team Players

Everyone can work well solo, but they need to be able to collaborate with a team, too. When someone has an attitude that screams “my way or the highway,” it’s tough for others to cooperate. Let team members come up with solutions together, and reward those who are willing to work with others to get the job done.

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