January 29, 2015

Ways to Squash Stress

Flickr CC via TK_Presse

When it comes to handling stress on the job, studies have found that 90% of top performers in the workplace are able to overcome negative reactions by managing their emotions in times of stress. The odd thing about stress is that it is an imperative feeling to have in order to make decisions, as our brains are wired in the way where it may be difficult for one to take action if not under at least some level of this emotional state.

It’s easy to let stress overwhelm you, and as the research suggests, it’s how one manages such stress that can be the key toward success.

The University of California in San Francisco has conducted multiple studies into how people handle stress. Their research shows that one quality many who handle stress well have in common is their ability to say “no.” Always saying “yes” can place heaps of seemingly unending responsibilities onto a person and can add unnecessary strain on both workload and emotions. Know and understand when you cap out on the job as far as your tasks, and be sure to communicate to your team or managers when you feel you are at the peak of your capacity. Don’t be afraid to speak up!

Exercise is an important factor in keeping stress under control, as when stress comes up at work, it’s usually the first thing that goes in one’s routine. Get your body moving at some point during the day–even ten minutes can greatly help release tension and get you motivated to conquer.

Another huge step in managing stress involves managing the negative self-talk one might engage in. Ruminating on negative thoughts, even ‘what ifs’ that might have occurred can compound stress unnecessarily.

Check Cydcor out on Bloomberg Businessweek for more information.