October 9, 2019

Why Door-to-Door Residential Sales Still Works

Door to door residential sales reps pitch a customer at the door to their house.
Why Door to Door Residential Sales Still Works

In our increasingly digital world, door-to-door residential sales continue to thrive. Why? Because door-to-door sales is highly effective, generates higher value sales, boosts brand loyalty, and provides excellent customer experiences. The reason, you’ll discover, is simple. At the core of door-to-door sales is people connecting with people. Face-to-face communication, though more and more rare, remains the most effective means of connecting with a consumer base. It is the most reliable way to establish trust, assist in decision-making, and forge new relationships with decision makers. This sales approach benefits customers as well by providing personalized service, helping them find solutions to fit their unique needs, and giving them opportunities to ask specific questions.

With the right outsourced sales partner, corporations large and small can reap higher ROIs by getting back to basics. Let’s dive in and take a look at why door-to-door residential sales still works.

At the core of door-to-door sales is people connecting with people. Face-to-face communication, though more and more rare, remains the most effective means of connecting with a consumer base Share on X
  • Reaching the unreachable

In more than 25 years outsourced sales experience, Cydcor has found that customers are often already familiar with our clients’ products and services before the sales representative arrives at their doors. They’ve seen the billboards, listened to the radio ads, and watched the commercials. Yet, they haven’t taken action to buy. Why? For many people, researching cable or energy options is simply one of many dozens of items on their to do lists – and it rarely takes priority.

That’s where a door-to-door sales team comes in. Sales professionals can reach consumers who haven’t responded to mainstream marketing initiatives. They can convert them into paying customers by personally responding to their questions and concerns and by helping them find the right products to address their needs. An effective salesperson is able to approach a homeowner, quickly establish rapport, and provide an informative sales pitch and personalized presentation. At the very least, the interaction succeeds in educating the consumer about his or her options. Even better, after painting the picture, answering questions, and addressing lingering concerns, skilled door-to-door salespeople create positive brand experiences for consumers. These face-to-face interactions increase the chances they’ll remain customers longer, or if they aren’t already, improves they’ll decide to become customers in the future. In other words, door-to-door residential sales is not just effective at generating sales, but it also boosts brand loyalty by making the consumer feel important, valued, and well-served.

  • Seizing opportunity

When executed by the right sales team, door-to-door sales is an incredibly effective secret weapon for increasing market share and making incremental sales. Not only do sales representatives reach the unreachable, but once they do, they often uncover needs that the customer wasn’t even thinking about. By asking the right questions, reps can recommend the right packages, often providing the customer higher-value products and services they’ll be happier with in the long-run.

The customer wins by getting exactly the services they want and need at the best possible price, and the client wins by acquiring lasting customers with a high lifetime value.  Not only do residential customers who purchase at the door buy better packages, but they tend to cancel less and stay with the service longer.

  • Planting the seeds of loyalty

The best predictor of brand loyalty is a positive customer experience – and the face-to-face communication is the best possible way to provide one.

By meeting in person,  sales representatives can use friendly body language, make eye contact, and shake hands, building trust in a way that phone calls and advertisements can’t. The door-to-door sales process leaves customers feeling confident in their decision to buy. They’ve have had their questions answered, and they feel warm and fuzzy about the enjoyable interaction they had with the sales rep.

All of this leads to happy customers who are fans for life. It’s no surprise that according to Net Promoter scores, potential buyers have overwhelmingly better experiences through the face-to-face sales channel. Thanks to its ability to offer a personalized and connected experience, in-person selling leads to more successful sales and benefits clients and customers alike.

As experts in outsourced, residential sales, Cydcor understands the impact generating great face-to-face sales experiences Share on X

As experts in outsourced, door-to-door residential sales, Cydcor understands the impact generating great face-to-face sales experiences, whether in the residential, B2B, or retail channels, can have on the long-term revenue growth of its clients. Learn more about Cydcor’s services, or become a client to see how Cydcor can help your organization achieve its customer acquisition goals.

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