October 29, 2015

10 Qualities of a Great Salesperson

Cydcor 10 Qualities of a Great Salesperson
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Some people believe that a great salesperson is born, not made: that the ability to close a sale is a gift that one must be blessed with at birth. Well, those people are wrong.

Certain people might have an outgoing personality that gives them a bit of an advantage when it comes to networking or closing a deal but the true qualities of a great salesperson aren’t genetic—they’re learned and improved upon with practice.

What qualities does a great salesperson possess? A great salesperson looks just like you. But in order to release the successful salesperson within, you need to identify the qualities a good salesperson must possess in order to achieve success.

As you review this list of qualities a great salesperson must possess begin to make a list of the qualities that you believe you lack or need to develop. Be honest in your self-assessment. If possible, get input from your team, supervisor or sales manager.

Doing this exercise on your own is a powerful technique for improving your sales skills. Including your team members or manager in this process lets them know that you’re motivated and committed to continuous improvement.

  1. A Great Salesperson is Focused

You need a plan if you are going to succeed in sales. A great salesperson identifies their goals and keep them in the center of their vision: obstacles never sidetrack them.

  1. A Great Salesperson Cares About People

You’re not just interested in making a sale. You’re building a long-term relationship with your colleagues and clients. A great salesperson cares about the person as well as the sale.

  1. A Great Salesperson is Social

You always make a great first impression and you enjoy meeting people and hearing about their job, the obstacles they face, and the values that are important to them. A great salesperson listens and remembers.

  1. A Great Salesperson is Confident

You know that you have the skills required to get the job done. If you encounter rejection you keep moving forward, understanding that it’s part of the process. A great salesperson never gives up.

  1. A Great Salesperson is Organized

You have all of your materials ready whenever you need them. You have internalized your company’s message and methodology. A great salesperson provides solutions for all of their clients’ pain points.

  1. A Great Salesperson Asks the Right Questions

You build your interactions with your customers by developing positive interrogative engagement. Questions are specialized tools you use to identify your customers’ obstacles and objectives. A great salesperson is curious and insightful.

  1. A Great Salesperson Has a Sense of Humor

You have a friendly personality and you bring positive energy to all of your encounters. Your customers look forward to working with you because you leave a positive impression upon them. A great salesperson leaves people smiling.

  1. A Great Salesperson Understands Urgency

You must get the job done. You understand that making a sale is an urgent problem and that it needs to be solved in a timely manner. Nothing will get in your way because you’re determined to solve the problem in front of you. A great salesperson gets results.

  1. A Great Salesperson Is In Control

You might hear a no but you don’t accept no as an answer. You’re equipped with the ability to control conversations and will not give up on your pitch. A great salesperson is a gifted storyteller who engages his or her audience.

  1. A Great Salesperson Works Hard

You understand that success in sales is not won; it’s earned through hard work. You recognize the importance of competition and know that you have to seek opportunities—they won’t come to you. A great salesperson shows up and does their job every day, despite disruptions and without delays.

As you review this list of qualities that make a good salesperson you may identify areas for improvement. Recognizing the need to improve is not a sign of failure. It’s an indicator that you have what it takes to succeed as a salesperson. Are you ready to become the best salesperson you can be?

What qualities make you a great at your job? Did we leave anything out of this list? We want to learn from your experience. Please share your thoughts on our Facebook page and post this article on your social media. Let’s start a great conversation.

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