November 28, 2018

5 Customer Engagement Strategies That Build Rapport

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5 Secrets for Customer Engagement Strategies That Build Rapport

Building customer engagement and rapport is a cornerstone of success in sales. Customers are looking to have genuine, authentic, and relatable encounters with professional sales representatives who demonstrate that they have their interests at heart—not just the sale.

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For those looking to build rapport and create winning customer engagement strategies, there isn’t one definitive solution. That said, by implementing these five customer engagement strategies, customers will have a much stronger, positive, and lasting memory of you after you walk out that door.

#1: Make A Strong First Impression

When you first meet face-to-face, you want to start off strong and genuine. Don’t forget the basics. By remembering the SEE factors, Smile, Eye Contact, and Enthusiasm, you’re more likely to get off on the right foot. A firm handshake, maintaining eye contact, and a genuine smile go a long way toward showing the customer you’re engaged and present. All three are signals of trustworthiness that can have a critical impact in those first few moments with a customer. People wants to feel like they are in good and capable hands and with the right, positive attitude — they will be.

#2: Be Informative and Helpful, Not Pushy

Remember that customers buy products that address their needs. By focusing on the customer’s needs and questions about how the product can benefit them, you can build trust and make a sale at the same time.


We all know that salesperson who tells you that you look great in everything you try on, but that approach can turn customers away, because it feels disingenuous. Instead, take the time to get to know your audience, so that you can recommend something that is just right for them. Recommend the best products for the individual, not just the best price, or the highest commission item. When you pay attention to what your customer wants, and match them to the right product or service to fit their needs, you might be surprised how interested they can be.


When customers trust you, they are more likely to remain loyal and continue doing business with you—perhaps even send referrals your way!

#3: Body Language Says Almost Everything

A lot can be said about body language. Standing with your arms crossed or hunched over can come off as insecure or uninterested.


When meeting with a potential customer, make them feel like they not only have your full attention, but that they can trust what you say. Slouching, leaning, or invading their personal space are all signals to the customer that you either don’t care, or don’t have their best interests at heart. Acting and carrying yourself professionally shows that you’re taking the interaction with them seriously, and that demonstrates respect.

#4: Engage in Active Listening

You shouldn’t have to remind yourself to take the time to really listen to what your prospect has to say. It’s great to show your enthusiasm for the product, but remember to also leave room for the customer to ask questions and build his/her own interest in the product or services. Remember that the customer doesn’t know you, so while bringing energy to the sale shows that you have a great attitude, they will still need your help understanding how the product will be of benefit to them.


Being a good listener is the key to being a great salesperson. It provides you with an opportunity to uncover their pains so that you can later build a personalized pitch for how your company can help them.

#5: Connect with Your Customers by Being Authentic

No one likes to feel like they are talking to a robot. The day and age of rehearsed scripts has died—customers are looking for human connections.


Be observant when interacting with the customer and look for opportunities to relate them and their situation. Maybe you’re both sports fans, or parents. Maybe you both grew up in the same state or town. It sounds obvious, but finding common ground can go a long way toward building rapport with the customer. You might even want to take a couple notes while they’re talking to help you remember some key details. People tend to trust others who are most like themselves.

Final Thoughts: Finding the Right Customer Engagement Strategy for You

There are many ways you can show your appreciation to your customers while continuously building engagement and rapport. Most importantly, find customer engagement strategies that work best for you and your company’s needs.


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