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December 13, 2019

5 Holiday Team Building Activities that Give Back

Ways to give back during the holidays by creating a holiday team building event that gives back.

The holiday season is a perfect time to reflect on what really matters and strengthen bonds with not only family and friends, but also the people with whom you work closely every day. In the spirit of people helping people, why not celebrate the season by giving back to your community and building camaraderie on your team? Forgoing the office holiday party or secret Santa gift exchange to spend the time helping others instead, is a great way to bring […]

November 14, 2019

How Having the Right Team Helps Increase Sales

Sales manager talking to his team. The right sales team can help increase sales.

Having a well-chosen, fully trained, sales team with the right attitude is essential if your organization is trying to increase sales. The sales team is the last line of defense.  After all the investment your company has made toward developing, testing, and perfecting the product, branding, and promotional campaigns, it is the sales team who will ultimately make or break efforts to increase sales because they are the ones who will have direct contact with the customers. At Cydcor, a […]

October 16, 2019

How Gamification Boosts Employee Engagement in Training

Image of a business man pointing at the word Gamification, user engagement, learning, etc.

How do you engage employees in learning? Cydcor’s Director of Learning and Development, Kelli MacIver recently sat down with TD Magazine to weigh in on the topic of employee engagement in corporate training. She and her team recently set out to discover ways to drive team members back to online training programs without making trainings mandatory. What they discovered was that through gamification, adding competitive elements to training and development programs, learning could be refashioned into a sport-like challenge employees […]

October 9, 2019

Why Door-to-Door Residential Sales Still Works

Door to door residential sales reps pitch a customer at the door to their house.

In our increasingly digital world, door-to-door residential sales continue to thrive. Why? Because door-to-door sales is highly effective, generates higher value sales, boosts brand loyalty, and provides excellent customer experiences. The reason, you’ll discover, is simple. At the core of door-to-door sales is people connecting with people. Face-to-face communication, though more and more rare, remains the most effective means of connecting with a consumer base. It is the most reliable way to establish trust, assist in decision-making, and forge new […]

August 14, 2019

3 Reasons to Develop a More Successful Mindset

Hand writing The Same Old Thinking, The Same Old Results with marker on transparent wipe board isolated on white.

Why do some people achieve massive career success, while others remain stagnant or struggle to hold down a job? The answer is simple: mindset. The most successful people are those who have the mental fortitude and self-awareness to do whatever it takes to achieve success. They define success not just by how much they earn or what title they hold, but by how much they have learned, grown, and accomplished. Unsuccessful people, however, do the opposite. Let’s take a look […]

April 24, 2019

5 Advantages of Direct Selling in the B2B Channel

Two business people discussing a transaction using a tablet.

A face-to-face sales force is the secret weapon of many thriving corporations. There are many benefits of direct sales, and with the right team interacting with their business-class customers, Fortune 500 companies are able to drive revenue and increase market share exponentially. Let’s take a look at the advantages of direct selling and 5 reasons why in-person B2B sales is so effective. Time is money Let’s face it, businesspeople are busy! With packed schedules and to-do lists a mile long, […]

November 28, 2018

5 Customer Engagement Strategies That Build Rapport

People Buy From People They Trust. Businessman holding a card with a message text written on it

Building customer engagement and rapport is a cornerstone of success in sales. Customers are looking to have genuine, authentic, and relatable encounters with professional sales representatives who demonstrate that they have their interests at heart—not just the sale. For those looking to build rapport and create winning customer engagement strategies, there isn’t one definitive solution. That said, by implementing these five customer engagement strategies, customers will have a much stronger, positive, and lasting memory of you after you walk out […]

August 8, 2018

Self-Motivating Tips to Try Today

The future depends on what you do today words on a chalkboard background

Beast mode isn’t a permanent state; it has to be turned on with self-motivation. Don’t let the success stories fool you: No matter how much you love what you do, even the best of the best struggle to get up and go sometimes. The first thing to know is that there’s no “right” way to spring into action. Each of us is motivated differently, and to make matters even more complicated, what’s empowering in one scenario might actually be de-motivating […]

July 25, 2018

3 Tips Successful Salespeople Swear By

Text Three Tips That Successful Sales People Swear By

The difference between successful and unsuccessful salespeople has less to do with what they say, and more to do with how they frame the situations in front of them. Emulate the greats by getting into the habit of doing these 3 things.   Success in Sales Tip #1: Be a regular person   If you think of yourself as a salesperson, your customer is going to treat you like a salesperson—and guess what: Most people don’t like salespeople! Instead, frame […]

July 11, 2018

How to Find a Mentor

Two female colleagues in office working together.

There are several advantages to having a mentor, especially in your professional life. The experience, knowledge, and contacts you stand to inherit from a mentor are immeasurable, but how do you get to that point? Follow these simple tips, and you’ll learn how to find a mentor that’s right for you.   Know Yourself The first, and perhaps most challenging, part of finding a career mentor that fits your needs is to really understand what you are looking for. Take […]