April 5, 2024

CEO Vera Quinn on How to Serve Clients Across Multiple Sales Channels

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Vera Quinn on How to Serve Clients Across Multiple Sales

Cydcor, a leader in outsourced sales, has touched a wide array of industries in its first thirty years in business. We sit down with CEO Vera Quinn to learn about how to tailor a business to clients across multiple sectors.

When you’re serving some of the nation’s top businesses, you have to be able to adapt. Every industry has its own needs, systems, and quirks–and services must be tailored to fit each one. Sometimes, you can find your niche in one area and stay there happily, but–more often than not–the most successful companies are the ones that can thrive in multiple sectors.

Cydcor has become a leader in the outsourced sales industry by developing integrated omnichannel campaigns that are executed by independent corporate businesses. In their first thirty years in business, Cydcor has developed a reputation for delivering results, no matter what industry the clients are in – from telecommunications to energy and everything in between.

To pick up some advice that the company has learned along the way, we reached out to CEO Vera Quinn.

The first thing the CEO advises is to be flexible–as every client has its own approach to solving problems.

“I don’t think there’s one answer for everything,” Quinn says. “What works for one business could be different than what works for another. For one business problem, there could be four different answers. They could all be right–so what we’re looking for is the best one.”

Listening is key to working alongside clients – and being flexible to all the possible approaches out there opens the door to finding the one that’s going to work best.

“It’s never linear,” Quinn continues. “There is no certainty in business, so the process has to begin with clearly articulating the problem, then finding the best brains around to help solve it.”

This is a sentiment that extends to Quinn’s role as a “custodian” of Cydcor, in addition to her approach to serving different teams of clients.

Vera Quinn on How to Serve Clients Across Multiple Sale

Listening to the specific client at-hand to learn about how business is done in their industry is crucial. But one of the benefits of serving business clients across multiple markets is that Cydcor gets to bring a fresh perspective to every sector

“Sometimes in business,” Quinn says, “you just get yes people. But one of the keys to innovating and finding solutions is being willing to not just go along and say yes. When you have an alternative set of brains and perspectives, chances are you’re going to have a much better outcome.”

By serving solutions across a variety of different landscapes, Quinn and the Cydcor team have been able to pick up many of these alternative perspectives over the course of their first thirty years in business. Markets change over time–and an emerging technology or societal shift may impact one before another. Cydcor’s longevity has allowed the company to learn, adapt, and bring what they’ve seen to each client they welcome into the fold.

That brings us to Quinn’s final piece of advice for serving multiple industries.

“Business is business,” Quinn says. “No matter what industry, there are fundamental principles to what works and what doesn’t.”

We can get lost in the nuances of a particular market–and lose sight of what’s always important in business.

“Quality, budget, timelines, and the overall goal of helping people and adding value to their lives,” Quinn says. “I don’t care what industry you are serving; those elements should stay top-of-mind.”

Cydcor is proud to say that they are in the “people helping people” business. Every industry has a central humanity to it. Each–from telecommunications to energy to consumer goods–should strive to make the life of the end customer better while shaping a better world for the future.

Relationships like the ones Cydcor has created with both Fortune 500s and emerging new brands are what drives industries forward. By being malleable enough to work across distinct sectors, Cydcor has built a bridge of innovation and knowledge for the fundamental principles of business.

Building on these fundamental principles, their team has been able to learn from their clients–each of whom have unique angles and approaches to the work that they do. This has been fundamental to Cydcor’s growth over these last three decades–and what makes them a highly competent player in the market for coordinating outsourced sales campaigns with independent corporate offices across the nation.

“We’ve been fortunate enough to create great relationships with our clients,” CEO Vera Quinn says, “and learned a lot during our first thirty years in business.”

For more information on how Cydcor serves its clients across multiple industries, visit their website.

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