February 5, 2016

Create A Customer-Focused Mindset in Your Business

Create A Customer-Focused Mindset in Your BusinessGetting close to your customers is one of the most important business strategies you can master. Learn how to change your mindset to keep the customers you have—and get new ones!

As a sales professional, you live, die, and breathe for customers. Simply stating that customers are vital to your success would be a massive understatement—customers are everything!

Instilling a customer-focused mindset into your employees and salespeople will keep their eyes on the ball and lead to some seriously good results for your business. In fact, according to a study by the Institute for Corporate Productivity and the American Management Association, companies that don’t foster an environment and culture of pleasing customers fail to succeed.

The study found that the best organizations –understand and leverage customer-focused initiatives that require a blend of attraction, engagement, satisfaction, collaboration, and retention.

Have we convinced you to make a change within your own business? If so, here are a few ways to start manufacturing a customer-centric cultural shift in your business:

Find A Good Place To Start

Begin by benchmarking your current level of customer focus. By completing an audit of your ongoing efforts, you can actually determine where to begin and how your team could improve.

Know Your Audience

Naturally, you’ll need to know who your customers actually are if you want to serve them properly. Try customizing your approach for your customers at every opportunity. Learn from the past and the present to see what they like and dislike about your current strategy so that you can refine your efforts in the future!

Consistency Is Key

Creating a consistent standard that your customers can anticipate is crucial. Standardizing training and protocols for your customer-facing employees is essential for maintaining a consistent brand image.

Think Of The Big Picture

Help your employees see the actual impact that their work has on customers. Forging this relationship is incredibly important to getting your employees invested in the customers that they serve. Employees that can see the fruits of their labor tend to be more productive as well!

Communication Matters Most

Maintaining open communication with your customers at all times is another essential. There’s a reason large companies have 24/7 customer support—it pays always to be there when your customers need you. While it may not be possible for all businesses to have a dedicated 24/7 customer support team, do the best that you can with the resources available to you. Your customers will be able to tell that you’re working hard for them.

Hire Help

Are you having trouble making the shift happen? If all else fails, try making your next hire someone that already has a customer-focused mindset. This will help you fill your ranks with right-minded individuals!

For further reading about creating a customer-focused environment in your business, check out this insightful article from Forbes.

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