February 26, 2020

Cydcor Gets Greener

Cydcor goes green by adopting greener, more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices
Cydcor Gets Green

Cydcor is taking steps to reduce its impact on the environment. In keeping with one of Cydcor’s core values “to do what’s right, not what’s easy”, the company has made a commitment to adopting greener practices to reduce the amount of daily waste its team members produce.

Team members gave up individual desk trash cans, turning instead to new centralized receptacles with sorted options for paper, plastics and aluminum, composting, and traditional waste.  The new receptacles help team members be more thoughtful about how much they consume and increase recycling.

Gone also are all disposable coffee pods, paper cups and lids, and disposable plastic water bottles. Cydcor replaced them by gifting team members with more environmentally friendly reusable ceramic coffee mugs and glass water bottles.

Cydcor kicked off its new initiative with a green ribbon cutting ceremony to unveil new beverage machines to replace all single use machines. With these moves, Cydcor seeks to reduce what it estimates as 4.4 pounds of waste per person per day. Multiplied by Cydcor’s approximately 200 team members, that’s 880 pounds of waste per day. By implementing a recycling and waste reduction program, Cydcor believes it can reduce that number to 264 pounds, a 70% decrease!

By implementing a recycling and waste reduction program, Cydcor believes it can reduce team member waste by 70%! Share on X

Cydcor’s leadership fully backed the adoption of greener practices, and the company sees these as some exciting first steps toward reducing Cydcor’s carbon footprint and doing more to protect the Earth. Cydcor continues to look for new opportunities to become even more environmentally friendly and the company plans to make additional moves toward sustainability in the future.


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