June 6, 2023

Cydcor’s Philanthropy Challenge Was A Massive Success – Here Are 3 Things We Learned About Collaboration

People helping people – that’s essential to our culture as a business. But what happens when people help people help other people? Here are the results of our latest Philanthropy Challenge and powerful takeaways that will help you use collaboration to create positive change.

At Cydcor, one of the most cherished partnerships we have is with Liberty Children’s Home – an orphanage in the Central American country of Belize. Known as a sanctuary, Liberty provides love, safety, and growth to over forty children, many of whom have been previously abused, abandoned, and neglected.

To heighten our efforts to support this charity organization, we organized a Philanthropy Challenge. Kicking off at NatCon 2022, this initiative ran from September 12th, 2022 to April 30th, 2023. Independently owned and operated companies, or ICLs, from across our network, were invited to participate. 

All in all, the wide array of teams involved were able to raise over $70,000! Our team is currently working with the people at Liberty to determine how the funds can best be used to support the children.

How was this all possible? The secret was collaboration. Here are three elements we’ll continue to bring to all our future initiatives.

  1. Diversity Scales Impact

From our network of independent companies, 32 teams took on the Philanthropy Challenge. These teams came from locations across the country – and allowed this initiative to have a presence in a variety of different communities. 

If we were to go into this effort alone, we would have been limited by the reach and perspective of Cydcor. Inviting these independent teams to join us gave us new angles to consider how to maximize our efforts. This made us all the more powerful, overnight.

If you’re trying to leave a positive impact on the world, this is the first thing to consider. Who are the people that can bring another element to your initiative? What are the communities that are eager and ready to help out (if only someone would reach out to get them involved). 

It’s corny to say, but we really are stronger together!

Everyone has different talents. The Philanthropy Challenge wouldn’t have had the same impact if we didn’t get every brain in the game. We leaned on the creativity of organizers to design pins, t-shirts, organize opportunity drawings with donated prizes, and even put together a paddle raise at our last event. These creative talents aligned in collaboration with the interpersonal skills of the people who conducted outreach and raised the funds.

Whatever your talents are, there are opportunities to serve your community and beyond. The secret is to align with a diverse network of people to form a dovetail of skill sets that create the most change possible.

  1. Healthy Competition

Healthy competition, or social motivation, has been shown in research to improve attention on sustained physical effort. Inside all of us there’s a competitor (though some people take this to a whole other level). When collaborating on a charity effort, some friendly competition is a great way to keep everyone motivated and push beyond what was once thought possible.

Cydcor, in alliance with a network of ICLs, has long enjoyed a good-old-fashioned competition. Creating metrics for success, curating an exciting collection of donated prizes, and sprinkling in a healthy dose of fun is one of our team’s favorite things to do.

For this Philanthropy Challenge, the big prize is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, which also allows for the winners to continue to experience the joy of serving others. The top three winners will soon join Vera Quinn, our CEO, on her next trip to Belize. While there, they have the opportunity to volunteer at Liberty and meet the children the Challenge was created to serve.

Because collaboration is always the key to success, these winners will be inviting two team members to join them on this incredible journey of servant leadership.

Making it a competition created an atmosphere of growth. The success of one person would inspire another to push the envelope even further – and so on. This created a ripple effect of social motivation, making the astounding result of over $70,000 going to Liberty possible. 

  1. Inspiring Future Change

At Cydcor, we don’t believe in finish lines. So long as there are people on earth, there will be people in need of help. One day, we’ll be gone, and the next generation will be called on to provide support, service, and love to those in need.

With collaboration, we ensure that there will always be people ready, eager, and empowered to help people, because we create a movement that’s bigger than just us.

The success of the Philanthropy Challenge doesn’t just lie in Cydcor’s efforts, but also in those of the ICLs and the communities that they live and work in. 

We’re committed to planning out even more ways to continue our support of Liberty Children’s Home, in addition to many more future initiatives that create positive impact in our community and beyond.

Collaboration will continue to be our greatest tool in accomplishing all this!

To learn more about the incredible work happening at Liberty Children’s Home, visit their website.

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