January 23, 2014

How to Organize Your Office

Cydcor team members are not always in the office, because they are out in the world acting as brand evangelists for clients. Traveling frequently can make it difficult to keep the office organized for days that do require deskwork.  Having appropriate storage solutions, cleaning strategy and fun décor for your desk can make your days indoors more productive and pleasant.  Check out Cydcor’s favorite office organizing tips on our new Pinterest board.  In the mean time, here are our favorites.

cydcor offices

A place for everything.  Make sure you always know where paper, pens, cards, and important information goes.  This includes having a desk caddy (we like the ones with personality!) for any tools you might be using, as well as a place to put books, snacks and odds and ends.

Business card organizers.  A small file box for all of your contact is a great way to keep track of all the cards you collect while traveling and attending events.  A bonus tip: rather than organize them alphabetically, keep them in files by their profession, so you know whom to call when looking for a specific service or information.

Out of sight out of mind.  Papers you never or rarely use should go on the bottom shelf or out of the way on the floor.  No need to clutter up accessible work space with items that do not need attention.

Three ring binders.  Binders with labels are a great way to keep track of papers if you do not have a filing cabinet handy.  Categories for papers could include specific clients, overall guidelines, a tracking of goals or other ways to organize.

Cydcor organization

Email files.  Nothing is better than an empty email inbox! Some emails need to be saved for records, and don’t forget that email providers have the ability to file them into electronic folders.  Keeping your inbox clean with urgent messages marked as such can keep you on top of your game.

Make it fun! Personalized to do lists, calendars, and office décor can be motivating and satisfying.  Make sure it complies with work guidelines, but even a pencil holder can have a fun touch.

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