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May 12, 2016

Cydcor Reviews Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges

About Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges by Amy Cuddy Author Amy Cuddy came to the world’s attention in 2012, when her TED Talk on body language garnered over 27 million views online. Cuddy is a social psychologist and teaches business administration at Harvard Business School. In her new book, Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges, Cuddy explains that presence “is the state of feeling connected with our own thoughts, values, abilities, and emotions, […]

November 20, 2015

10 Terrific TED Talks to Improve Your Sales and Business Skills

TED Talks will improve your understanding of a complex concept or help you to master new skills. Humor, imagination, and authentic emotion energize these talks and guarantee your engagement. TED wants to change your life. It’s that simple. This popular nonprofit was launched in 1984 as a conference exploring the convergence of Technology, Entertainment, and Design (TED). TED Talks offer viewers a glimpse into the workings of some of the leading minds in the world today. The problem with such […]

November 4, 2013

How Posture Can Make You A Better Salesperson

Cydcor power stance

How Posture Can Make You Powerful In sales, people have to have to interact with each other all day.  Success in sales comes from being able to feel confident and comfortable in most situations.  At Cydcor, we do our best to present the most effective sales teams around.  One way to easily improve your sales confidence can be as simple as taking two minutes to stand powerfully. Nonverbal communication has a lot of value in society.  How we interact with […]