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June 19, 2015

The Best Ways to Earn a Promotion

Cydcor has previously written about Toxic Employee Traits That Can Slow Progress, but it’s also important to mention how to continue career progress. You will never advance simply by sitting at your desk, answering emails, and filing reports. A promotion is earned. Achieving a promotion isn’t an impossible goal. But to get there you need a good plan. The following suggestions are your starting points for success. Evaluate Your Skills You wouldn’t have been hired if you weren’t good at […]

January 16, 2014

The Secret to Sales: There is No Secret

Cydcor Sales

Cydcor is a sales company.  We send teams of professionals out into the world and drive revenue on behalf of our clients.  Sales is a competitive field, and can be prove to be daunting for many people.  At Cydcor, team members are driven through professional training, perseverance, and a fun work atmosphere.  Many sales companies to try peddle “the ultimate secret” to selling, but the real secret to a career in sales is that there is no secret.  Sales takes […]