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April 23, 2014

How to Lead a Successful Sales Meeting

cydcor sales meetings

In a sales-driven environment like Cydcor, meetings are powerful tools. Bringing people together to share energy and announcements is a good team. Since our business focuses so much on building personal relationships, our team members benefit from face to face communication whenever time allows. Sales meetings are the best vehicles to unite and energize your team, and make sure that important information is conveyed. So how do you conduct effective sales meetings for your business? You must start by defining […]

October 23, 2013

How to Spend More Time Selling

According to Oracle, sales people spent 78% of their time looking for leads.  That leaves very little time for actual selling, especially when relationship building is so crucial to making the sale. So how can one manage leads and spend more time selling? Here are some tips from Cydcor Sales Blog. Start by organizing your leads into categories of likelihood. One for people who have bought from you before.  Two for people who have expressed interest.  Three for people you […]