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March 25, 2014

Cydcor Reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

Another great book, Cydcor reviews The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. Description of this book: Gladwell, a journalist and writer for The New Yorker magazine, is known for his comprehensive examinations of how change or success happens.  The Tipping Point is an in depth look at how ideas get made into wildly popular companies, books or trends.  Everything from television shows to teen smoking, popularity of ideas is modeled like an epidemic.  There are carriers, those that evangelize the idea […]

August 15, 2013

The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell

This is the ninth installment of our book reviews project designed to introduce you to books that Cydcor team members find especially valuable.  This review is by Megan, Cydcor technology consultant, and is the first review she has done for us. Title: The Tipping Point; How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference Author: Malcolm Gladwell Description of the book: The Tipping Point is a succinct look at that moment where a marketing campaign becomes a success. What does it […]