December 4, 2013

What College Can Teach You About Sales

What College Can Teach You About Sales


Many people are natural born salesmen.  Building relationships and convincing people of their side of story is something comes easily to them.  At Cydcor, we are happy to nurture young talented sales people with a gift for gab and laser focus abilities.  However, some great sales people learn their skills from the college experience, for those looking to gain a broader perspective and refine the necessary skills.  Here a few ways you can use your college classes to create a successful sales career.

Psychology teaches you about the human mind.  You can learn how people will react to the things you say, how to gain trust, and what makes people want to buy your product or services.  You can focus your abilities to read people into convincing them to come to your side.

Business will give you a broad overview of management, operations, and communications.  Business majors are well rounded and have a solid understanding of how to identify needs and solve problems.

Finance or accounting degrees are useful for understanding numbers and efficiency.  Finance majors will still need to focus on people skills but will understand what needs to get done in order to make the business profitable.

Communications is a great modern degree in order to study means and methods of communication.  These skills will create savvy social media and email marketers as well as develop a solid understanding of how to get a message across.  Communications majors can tap into what is important and popular, and put their particular spin on the situation.

While theater or drama may sound like a strange major for business, some of the best sales skills come from being able to act confident and knowledgeable even in situations where it is not truly the case.  Actors know how to be charming and make friends with anyone, and can gain trust easily.

What do you think is helpful for a salesperson to study in college?  Learn more about the skills necessary to be a sales rock star on Cydcor’s career page.