April 14, 2017

Why Direct Sales is the Best Way to Acquire New Customers

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Reasons Why Face-to-Face and Direct Sales are Most Effective

Technology is changing rapidly, but no matter how advanced digital media and market research becomes, direct sales is still one of the best ways to acquire new customers and grow your business. There are just some things a computer can’t do, and until they can, people talking to other people through face-to-face sales is still the best way to build trust, overcome objections, and turn prospects into buyers.


Here’s why face-to-face sales is one of the most effective ways to acquire new customers:

  • Building Rapport and Trust: Most customers spend mere seconds reading and watching ads on TV, the internet, and in magazines, but it can be much harder to give a real person the brush off quite as quickly. That means that direct salespeople have more time, and a greater opportunity, to build rapport with and identify the needs of potential customers. They have the chance to make a case for why the person should trust them in a way that other sales and marketing channels simply cannot.


  • Answering Questions in Real Time: When a customer researches a product or service online, they may give up if they can’t find the information they’re looking for or if the service doesn’t seem to fit their needs. In-person salespeople, however, can answer customer questions on-the-spot to keep the conversation flowing and to help customers through the purchasing process.


  • Addressing Unique Objections: Traditional media and online marketing can address and overcome some customer objections, but they can’t respond to individual concerns that only apply to that one person. Face-to-face salespeople can address someone’s unique situation to get at exactly what is holding them back from making a purchase.


  • Educating the Customer: Most people don’t pay much attention to the details when they watch commercials or view ads online, but a direct salesperson can make sure the customer understands why the product or services will benefit them. They can educate them about the product in a way that highlights its value to that individual.


  • Recognizing Non-Verbal Cues: People communicate a lot with their faces and bodies, and no online marketing algorithm can replace a real person’s ability to pick up on these non-verbal cues. Face-to-face salespeople can slow down when the customer looks confused, pick up the pace when they look bored, or go for the close when the customer looks excited.


  • Putting a Face to a Brand: Marketers spend a lot of money building their brands’ personalities, but no matter how well they’ve accomplished that goal, nobody is worried about hurting Arrowhead Water’s feelings. But when there’s a real human being standing in front of you, suddenly it’s not just a product or a service, it’s a person. A direct sales rep becomes the face of the product, and when customers like the person connected with the brand, they are more likely to buy. People like buying things their friends recommend- buying a product from a salesperson you like and respect is the next best thing.


  • Banking on Reciprocity: Studies have shown that people feel a strong drive to return the favor when somebody does something nice for them. This puts face-to-face salespeople at an advantage. When they give their time and energy to potential customers, people feel that they should make a purchase in appreciation of the person’s effort and great customer service. When they don’t buy, some people feel guilty for having wasted the salesperson’s time or they may feel that they are letting the salesperson down.


  • Getting Referrals: Referrals are one of the best ways to get new customers, but few people are willing to hand over contact information for their friends and family to a computer or phone solicitor. In-person salespeople, however, have proven themselves trustworthy and likable. Customers feel like they’re doing their friends and family a favor by referring them to an honest sales rep who will offer them great customer service.


Some people may call it old-fashioned, but direct and face-to-face sales work. The reason in-person sales is most effective comes down to one factor: people. People relate better to other people than they do to TV commercials, online marketing, billboards, print ads, or any other form of advertising. It’s natural. Direct sales are built on relationships with a specific sales rep, and it allows customers to feel a personal connection to a product or service. Face-to-face sales build trust, which gives the customer the confidence to buy. That’s why in-person sales are a smart investment for any company looking to grow.


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