June 21, 2017

Why Successful Salespeople Have Grit, Not Just Talent

Grit words on pavement
How Grit can be a Salesperson’s Secret to Success

Grit is a mysterious and powerful mix of passion and perseverance that gives some the strength to keep going where so many others before them have given up. In fact, studies have shown that grit may outrank either intelligence or talent as an indicator of future success. Salespeople know a lot about grit. They work in a competitive business, but for those with the grit to stick with it, the rewards can be huge. The best salespeople know that grit can be the secret ingredient that makes the difference between success and failure.

Here’s how grit can make good salespeople great:

  • Persistence: To get good at sales you have to become okay with rejection. You have to hear “no” enough times that you finally figure out why people say no and what you can do to get a “yes.” People who thrive in sales are the ones who can persist, persevere, and learn to embrace the word no as a challenge to identify what will get the “yes”. To them, no is just another exciting challenge to overcome. Salespeople with grit are the ones who brush themselves off and wonder how many more people they can meet with before the sun goes down.
Salespeople with grit tough it out by trusting their guts and believing they can make it even no matter what anybody else thinks. Click To Tweet
  • Self-belief: Salespeople with grit tough it out by trusting their guts and believing they can make it no matter what anybody else thinks. Only the gritty keep moving forward regardless of the obstacles that may stand in their way.


  • Long-term perspective: Salespeople, must be able to envision that future. Achieving long term goals means keeping your eye on the prize, and having grit means you focus on doing what it takes to win, overcoming hurdles and celebrating wins along the way.
Successful salespeople are fearless. They take pleasure in achieving the hard things, and they welcome the unknown Click To Tweet
  • Unwavering Courage: Successful salespeople are fearless. They take pleasure in achieving the hard things, and they welcome the unknown. They want to overcome weaknesses, revel in change, and capitalize on their strengths. Salespeople with grit get out of their comfort zones in order to realize their dreams.


  • Endurance: Having grit means having the stamina to follow through on your promise to yourself, and finish what you’ve started. It’s an attitude of always finishing what you start.


  • Owning it: In the sales business, excuses won’t get you very far. It’s the effort you put out, your commitment, and your unwillingness to give up that will determine your success. The ones who succeed in sales are those who are accountable for their own actions.


  • A Winning Attitude: To beat the odds, you have to ban negative thinking and immerse yourself your passion for your work. True grit takes keeping self-doubt, fear, frustration, and even disappointment from derailing you. It takes an absolute belief in yourself and confidence that with hard work, you can achieve your dreams.


  • Drive: Leaders in sales will tell you that to accomplish something extraordinary, you must remember why you’re doing it. You have to stay connected to the things that are most important to you, because they are the things that will make all the hard work worth it in the end. The most successful salespeople never forget what they’re working towards.


Intelligence and talent are huge advantages in business that can help you innovate, perform well, or solve problems. Without the grit to stay the course even when it gets bumpy, those advantages can be fleeting. Brains and natural ability are the reason many people are good at their jobs, but without the grit to overcome challenges, bounce back from stumbles, and the drive to push themselves further, they may never truly be great.

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