June 23, 2023

How To Grow into A New Career

just like spring plants, you can grow into a new career

As spring ends and summer begins — you can probably look outside and see the leaves growing back onto the trees. Just as nature changes with the seasons, our career and professional journey can transform, too – if you allow it to happen!

If you’re looking for a change in your career, either from unhappiness with your current job or a longing for something more fulfilling, now is a great time to do it. Just take some inspiration from the budding plants and follow this advice. 

Plant Yourself in The Right Environment

Where should you be planting your career?

A plant could thrive in one environment and die in another. Each one is unique and needs a different type of soil, amount of rain, and sunlight to grow tall and strong. 

People are much like plants in this regard. If you’re unhappy with your current job, it’s likely because it’s not the right environment for you. 

This can trip people up: it can be easy to think that it’s your fault that you aren’t growing where you are. You may see others finding great success – and wonder what’s wrong with you.

Before you dive into growing into a new career, it’s helpful to do some introspection and get to the heart of your wants and needs when it comes to work. Assessments, such as the Myers-Briggs Indicator or the 16 Personalities test, can be a useful and fun way to accomplish this.

These tests aren’t flawless – nor can any assessment perfectly capture the unique individual that is you – but they can provide new revelations about what will be the best environment for your success.

Are you extroverted? Time to find a job that involves working with new and interesting people on the daily. Do you have an analytical mind? Maybe a job that involves studying fascinating and impactful data is the right fit for you.

With these new insights into yourself, you’ll be able to find both a job and an employer that provides you with the best environment to grow. Remember, with the right soil and amount of sunlight, every plant can succeed!

Nurture Growth by Asking Questions

asking questions can grow your career

If a plant needs sunlight and water to grow – what are the nutrients we need to thrive in a new career. The answer is information!

Ask questions. This is one of the biggest pieces of advice we offer to new Cydcor employees (it applies to just about everything in life, too). 

Coming into a new career can make you feel like you don’t know enough. Everyone else around has worked their way into being an expert on their job and how systems function at the specific company. Starting out, it can be tempting to avoid asking questions, so that you don’t stand out too much as “the new guy.”

But you can’t grow until you say “I don’t know.” Get curious – about just about everything. For those looking to create healthy work relationships with their new colleges, asking questions has a great impact. 

People love to talk about themselves and what they do. When you ask questions, most people don’t think wow – how do they not know this? Instead, they’re likely thinking wow – this person is interested in me and what I do!

To go one step further, don’t just ask how to do things – ask why they’re done this way. This will teach you about the shared values and logic of the new company you’re working for and will help you problem solve in the future when you are given work that nobody else has figured out yet.

Learn To Appreciate Rain

Just as rain nurtures flowers, adversity nurtures your career’s growth

Spring is a time for beautiful flowers and baby birds to emerge, yes, but this time of year also sees its fair share of thunderstorms. 

If you’re diving into a new career, failure is unavoidable. Trying anything for the first time is challenging – this is perfectly normal and ok! 

To grow, you need to have gratitude for every hiccup, mistake, or misunderstanding that you may run into. You’re learning and each failure comes with takeaways that you can use for the rest of your life.

We’re sure budding flowers don’t always find the rain comfortable, but it’s what helps them grow the most.

Continue to ask questions and seek valuable feedback (even criticism) from your peers and supervisors alike. Most employers aren’t looking for someone who’s perfect, they’re looking for people who are coachable

When you trip up, remember that showers make way for flowers.

Keep Growing!

the journey of growth doesn’t have to end!

This advice is all useful for those growing into a new career – but they can apply to anyone! A tree can only grow so tall and certain flowers only last a season – but when it comes to your career, there are absolutely no limits to growth.

We wish you success, learning, and joy in your career journey – wherever it takes you!

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